Specialty Programs: Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers

HomeQuest Custom Homes & Remodeling understands the challenges Realtors face and we want to help make your job easier.  Real estate continues to become more and more challenging so it is imperative you do things differently than in the past.

  • Minor kitchen makeover
  • Painting interior or exterior
  • Rotted wood repair
  • Door repair
  • Plumbing change faucets
  • Electrical change fixtures
  • Roof repair
  • Landscaping minor makeover
  • Front Door refurbish
  • Water leaks or damage
  • Pressure washing

Most of the these items can be done for very little cost and can create a huge impact and save you time and money.


When working with buyers most of them have a very difficult time visualizing how something could look.  In many cases buyers will like the location, floor plan, schools and neighborhood and would gladly write a contract if it was not for that horrible looking kitchen.  Or they love the house, but can’t stand the room that is painted bright orange along with the stained white carpet.  As their agent you need to educate them these things can be easily changed and possible even paid for by the seller.  As their agent if you can spend less time searching for that perfect house you will increase your sales and earnings, after all your time is limited and most valuable.

As a reputable custom home builder and remodeler we can assist your client’s with design and material options and take care of any project from start to finish making things easy for your client’s.  They don’t have to go out there and search for a remodeling company and worry if things will be done right and if the company will stand behind their work.  All work HomeQuest performs comes with a warranty and we will make sure our client’s are completely satisfied.


As a real estate agent it can be a touchy subject telling someone their home does not look so hot when your trying to get a listing.  Maybe it’s just one room that scares you, but that one area can turn off several potential buyers.  Since we understand the majority of buyers have a difficult time visualizing how something could look and typically you only have one chance to impress them.

When it comes to the home inspection this can be another hurdle to overcome.  We see many buyers will sometimes use this as another negotiating attempt to further lower the price.  You may have a small repair that could cost $500 and they are trying to knock another $1,500 off the price.  Or they buyer gets concerned that a particular repair could really be the start of a much bigger problem like mold.

As an experienced custom homebuilder and remodeler we can help you with spot remodeling or repairs prior to the house going on the market. Some sellers will not want to spend the money, but as their educated agent you can explain this does not make financial sense. Why, because the longer a home sits on the market the more difficult it becomes to sell and usually the price is lowered by 5 to 10 thousand at the first adjustment.  Also, as their educated agent you know the repair items are going to come up on the inspection and need to be dealt with, why not do it on the front end and lessen the chance of repair negotiations causing you and your seller sleepless nights.

The other item we focus on is curb appeal if the home does not make a good first impression then your already starting off on the wrong foot before they even step into the home.  HomeQuest Custom Homes & Remodeling can help you with all these items and improve the overall look of a home both inside and out.  If you can sell the home faster and at a higher price everyone wins and your client’s will be satisfied and give you more referrals. Contact us today and we can help your buyers or seller and make your job go more smoothly.

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